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Frequently Asked Questions

What follows, for the most part, are questions and answers from Howard Wright, Inventor of the Storm Whistle. This web site is not owned/operated by Dr. Wright, however Internet Advertising has been an Internet Affiliate for his products for years. You may visit his web site here: StormWhistles.com

    The Storm and Windstorm whistles are truly an amazing device.  Not only are these whistles incredibly loud but they are totally waterproof.  How does the Storm whistle work and how is it possible that these whistles actually work underwater.  Below I have posted some frequently asked questions and tried to as simply as  possible answer them.  I hope you enjoy these whistles.


How do the All-Weather Safety whistles make so much noise?  Back to the Top

     About a hundred years ago a professor of physics named Hemholtz devised a box
that would take sound waves. Depending on the size of the box, it would either muffle the noise or increase the sound.  This is like throwing a tennis ball in a room.  If the room is very large the tennis ball will simply roll to a stop.  If the room is very very small the tennis ball will be stifled and not go anywhere but if the room is just the right size the tennis ball will bounce off the walls and rebound all over the place.  Helmholtz found that a box with a noise maker inside would either increase the sound waves or decrease them.  This principle of sound augmentation and amplification was never applied to whistles or alarms until Dr. Howard Wright invented the Storm Whistles in 1988.

Do the All-Weather Safety whistles really work underwater and how does that
 Back to the Top

    Yes.  the All-Weather Safety whistles really does work underwater.  As a matter of fact I invented the All-Weather whistle for just that reason.  When I was just 14 years old I built the first Storm whistle so that my friends and I could play Marko-Polo (an
underwater tag game).  To make the standard whistles work underwater I encased the whistle in a plastic box.  When the box filled with air the whistle worked.  After further testing I  proceeded to make the plastic box smaller and smaller until he came to understand that the sound producing area of a whistles was a small 5mm x 5mm area over the whistle exit opening.

     The whistle is used by dive clubs to organize multidiver events and to signal a
buddy while underwater.  The ability of the whistle to work when wet is even  more
important for boaters and rescue individuals.   Standard whistles do not work when they are wet.  If you fall off a boat or are lost as sea a whistle that works when soaking wet is critical.   This is why Navy Rescue boats, hundreds of thousands of boaters and search and rescue teams across the world demand the power and waterproof nature of the Storm and Windstorm whistles.

How loud is the Storm whistle?  Back to the Top

     The loudness of the Storm whistle was derived in a sound proof chamber by a
research team at the Institute for the Deaf in St. Louis Missouri.  the Decibel reading
varied between 118 and 120 dB.
     We compared the loudness of the Storm whistle, Windstorm whistle and a
number of our competitors whistles.  The Storm whistle was nearly twice as loud as any
other whistle.  The Windstorm whistle was not quite as loud as the Storm but was clearly
louder than any of the competitors.
     Below I have a graph illustrating the loudness of the all-weather whistles Vs the
competitors at a determined flow rate and at a given distance from the receiver.


What is the difference between the Storm whistle and the Windstorm whistle  
Back to the Top

The All-Weather Safety Whistles comes in two styles,

The Storm and the Windstorm All-Weather Safety Whistles.

The Storm is the original all-weather safety whistle and is manufactured at its exact dimensions in order to produce the most noise energy possible. It is manufactured in order that it can be heard through walls, through glass and through water. The Storm whistle is the loudest whistle in the world and can be heard over a 1/4 of a mile through trees and over a 1/2 mile over water.

Over the years however, a number of our customers desired an all-weather whistle that was a little more compact. They wanted a whistle that was a little smaller to fit into a hand bag, on keys, or pocket on a life preserver but still demanded a very loud whistle. For that reason we developed the smaller and more compact Windstorm safety whistle. Smaller, the Windstorm is the second loudest whistle in the world. Second only to the par famous Storm All-Weather Safety Whistle.

The Storm whistle is the most powerful whistle in the world, easy to hold and easy to hear, it is used by Safety and Rescue teams around the world. The Windstorm whistle is the more compact and sleek version of the Storm whistle. Both whistles have waterproof capabilities, tremendous power and sleek design.

Together the Storm and windstorm whistle make the greatest whistles in the world.

When asked how I use the Storm vs the Windstorm whistles I answer, As a Boy Scout leader I use the Storm whistle while making sure that the scouts have a Windstorm.


Howard Wright

Howard Wright

Inventor of the Storm Whistle

What colors does the Storm and Windstorm whistles come in?  Back to the Top

As shown below the Storm and Windstorm whistles come in three colors , Safety Orange, Safely Yellow and Black.


How are the Storm and Windstorm whistles packaged?  Back to the Top

The Storm and Windstorm whistles are packaged on full color blister cards,  in a plastic bag with a header called a poly bag, or without any packaging at all.
From this web site [Internet Advertising's wind-storm-whistles.com]  whistles are sent on a full color blister card unless prior arrangements are made.


Can the whistles be printed for my school or business?  Back to the Top

Yes.  We print company logos, school insignias , university slogans and phone numbers
often.  The cost to imprint a one color logo per whistle is $0.45  with a minimum order of 400 units. Please email orders at wind-storm-whistles.com for more information.


How soon can I expect my order to arrive? Back to the Top

We ship Regular Mail unless other arrangements are made. You can choose Priority Mail on credit card purchases for an additional charge. We reserve the right to allow ample time for personal checks to clear - so rush orders should be purchased with a credit card.